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Massage therapy is a dynamic field, offering entirely elective spa treatments and medically necessary therapeutic treatments. We’re here to ensure that you’re treading carefully, minding legal regulations, and maximizing the therapeutic benefit of your services. Partner Erin Jackson is a contributor for Massage and Fitness Magazine, and we are passionate about the role that massage plays in supporting your clients’ health.
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We’ve worked with massage therapists before, and our focus on healthcare allows us to help you navigate nuanced legal issues like your scope of practice. Our work with massage therapists has included:

  • Create a solo practitioner massage therapist’s LLC or corporation.Advise massage therapists about the legal distinctions between medically necessary treatments that can be billed to insurance and non-medical services that should be privately paid by their clients.
  • Provide guidance about the privacy requirements applicable to massage therapy practices, which might include HIPAA, state medical privacy laws, or ethical rules.
  • Ensure that massage therapy practice contracts are legally compliant and clear, minimizing the risk of litigation. This includes drafting contracts that comply with the laws surrounding the enforceability of non-competition and non-solicitation agreements, that distinguish independent contractors from employees, or that govern the splitting of fees earned for professional services.

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